We’re officially here! You’ve been gathering your party, maybe by hunting a few tyrants, and maybe by doing a few normal quests, and now we’re ready to shift our focus towards very intentional side questing.┬áToday’s guide is going to focus on what quests you should tackle first. Obviously, if you haven’t completed them already, the quests we’re going to address are the ones that will unlock the remaining Arms Manufacturers. These will unlock arms dealers of all different races, and will give you access to different gear.

Ga JiargThis is crucial to ground battle but honestly, doesn’t influence Skells as much as one might think. In order to gain access to the Six Stars AM you have to complete the affinity quest titled “Prospective Partners” and if you were a fan of two certain characters in the story, you’ll love this quest anyway. It’s a lot of fun and gives insight into some lore.

In order to unlock the Nopon Commerce Guild, you’ll need to complete the “BFFs” affinity mission. As you can imagine, this is a Tatsu mission, so you need to have decently high affinity with Lin in order to progress. Should be easy since you’re forced to be with her during the story.

Factory 1.21 is a difficult one to get a hold of. Not necessarily difficult, but the most complicated. This requires that you complete a chain of side quests starring Professor B, a time traveling scientist who wants to return home. Professor B can be found in the Industrial District.

Now that we’ve completed these necessary quests, it’s time to level these AMs up. You can do so through Miranium so that’s pretty major. Next time, we’re going to talk about building level 60 Skells. It’s time to start thinking about some Tyrant Hunting.


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