Cheating is a thing that’s frowned upon in most societies and worlds and universes. But, there are times when an opportunity comes along in such a way that it’s hard NOT to cheat. ┬áThat’s the topic in a certain WoW thread.

World of Warcraft is huge, so finding and fixing bugs and cheats can take a long time. Or, they can go unnoticed by all until someone accidentally finds it, then it spreads like wildfire. The latest one concerns leveling up your items in WOW in such a way that you can actually bypass quests and events that are usually needed to do it.

World of Warcraft

How this is done, is that you join a Mythic group. Wait for them to use a key, then quit the group. Despite you leaving, you’ll have a “1-in-6” chance of still getting the loot, and thus leveling up. Furthermore, there’s no penalty for this, and so you can go in and join as many groups as you want, then quit, and have a chance of getting what you wanted without actually having to do the quest itself.

Needless to say, many are not happy with this cheat. Some are even saying that those who do it should be banned. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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