Path of Exile

The Diablo III community are never far away to bring new suggestions to the table on how to improved the already well-established product that is available to them. This ranges from changes to the game’s core mechanics, classes, items and much more in what is a series of seemingly daily debates on what could change Diablo III for the better.

Which isn’t something that is exclusive to Diablo III of course, in terms of asking for alterations on a regular basis. It shows that the game’s fanbase are still passionate enough about it that they still want to put forward what they believe can help the experience in the long run.

Since the release of fellow action-RPG Path of Exile, some players have chosen to make comparisons between that and Diablo III. Whether or not the whole of the Diablo III playerbase agrees if there is many similarities between the two is a different matter, but an interesting point was put forward by one Reddit user, who has suggested the implementation of the skill system that is featured within Path of Exile.

User gaabk3 suggested the following:

The actual idea would be the skill system that PoE uses. So think about the monk’s Inner Sanctuary/mantras/Cyclone Strike and the barb’s Harpoon/Ignore Pain being used on any class, maybe with the thematic changed to fit each class. I think other classes would be as viable as the monk and barb for this role. For dps skills, of course, put a 10000% multiplier on it and call it a day.

Responses to this suggest that the skill system isn’t the key issue in Diablo III, whilst others suggest that it could be useful to use similiar methods such as Diablo II and Tree of Savior for a skill system. User Ekanselttar meanwhile replied:

I think the d3 skill system would work fine if it was properly supported, but that’s a pretty big if. It would definitely be amazing if things were tuned well enough to have multiple viable runes for all (or at least most) skills. Reworking legendaries would be necessary, but there would be so much more freedom without sets pigeonholing individual legendaries into a space where they can’t have much impact on skill that sets touch.

Do you feel the Path of Exile system would work well in Diablo III? Let us know in the comments section below.


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