Video games can be fun and grand adventures, or enlightening things that make you smarter, or something that you do just to get moving in some cases, just depends on the game and the intent. But one thing every video game has is commitment. Every game requires that time be put into it for enjoyment, and that can add up. For genres like MMORPGs, a lot of time has to be put into it for full enjoyment to be reached. That can weigh on some players. And for some World of Warcraft players, it’s getting to be too much.

This includes user Kotton, who has been a World of Warcraft player for a long time. They admit that WOW is still the best MMORPG out there, however, they’re slowly losing the will to play it.

“I used to love this game because of the fact that people with more time didn’t have an advantage in this game, so I could go to work and then keep up with everyone else who sat at home all day playing WoW, but that isn’t true anymore.”

World of Warcraft

Balance and fairness is an issue that has been raised for a while now, and Kotton is voicing the issue quite well. But they don’t stop there, they go on to note how the idea of spending loads of time in World of Warcraft just isn’t fun anymore, how many of the expansions the game has had just hasn’t been fun, or filled with lots of content. This includes, in their minds, Legion, which is still going on now.

Many players agreed with Kotton and their views on both World of Warcraft and Blizzard as a company. They note that part of the reason it’s on the decline (in their eyes) is because of their views on what should be added:

“Oh yes, the plan is to do the minimum amount of effort and to get the maximum amount of profit,” notes Azalexx.

What do you think? Is World of Warcraft on the way to not being playable? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I heard that there is another world of Warcraft in play called Vanilla wow! Maybe this needs to be stopped or banned for all players to come back to what is happening now. I am enjoying legion and working hard for my first ever in game legiondary item. Stop killing the drakes! I’m still tearful with Ysera’s death


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