Freedom in video games often depends on what kind of game you’re playing, and what that game’s process is. However, in games where you are allowed to make your own avatars, groups, or even Guilds, you have a lot of freedom in regards to naming things. Including yourself, or your team, and Guild, and so on. In World of Warcraft, between all the servers, countries, and players, there are a lot of unique names out there.

In fact, this is so prevalent a statement, that many World of Warcraft players took to Forums to regale others of the most…interesting…funny, and unique names for Guilds out there. Here are some of the highlights: tweet holinka, Uldum Hockey Team, Exalted with yourmother (yep, I believe it), We knew RL girls (nope, don’t believe that one), You Are Not Repaired, Naga please, The Legend of Meh, At least we have stables (as in horse stables?), fun is for casuals, thunder bluff steakhouse, Fat kids can’t LoS , I have the perfect body (maybe, but is their body ready?), Saudis in Audis, The Divinci Kodo (Tom Hanks would like a word with you…), Veni Vidi Wipe, Heya Healarious, Aspect Of The Spack (any UKers out there?), and Swaggetti Yolonese.

“I remember a guild called Blackrock Tan back in TBC. I had to giggle everytime I saw them around…” -Lethan

World of Warcraft

So yeah, there are some… creative players out there. And honestly, that’s part of the fun in games like this, to have ridiculous names for both yourself and the groups you’re a part of. What’s the weirdest, funniest, goofiest, or most unique Guild names you’ve seen in World of Warcraft? Let us know!


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