Thunder Totem Map Fix

What makes MMORPGs work isn’t just the about playing, it’s about the communities. There are times when a simple act proves just how amazing a game’s community can be. The No Thunder Totem Map addon is a perfect example.

In World of Warcraft, there is a place called the Thunder Totem. Many players have noted that the game will forcefully zoom the map into a large degree when they’re there. This annoyed many players who preferred to see the regular Highmountain map. So, someone posted on Reddit that they wanted an addon to fix that, enter Scainburger. He saw the request, and with a little nudging decided to create the addon.

What it does, is that it forces the game to display the proper Highmountain map, and also fixes a bug where arrows aren’t tracked properly on the World Quest Tracker

Scainburger simply wanted to help out people, no praise needed, but the Reddit community not only gave him over 1800+ upvotes (at the time of this posting), they started asking if he’d be up for doing more addons to fix World of Warcraft. Along with praising him for the work he did of course, some even offered to go the extra mile in thanks:

“I would even buy you a beer on top of the gold I gave. Thanks for doing God’s work,” said player Ariscia.

So as you can see, helping your fellow gamer can be very rewarding in its own right, and in the process, you may be helping to make World of Warcraft a better game. What’s better than that? You can grab the ‘No Thunder Totem Map’ addon on Curse.


  1. And in will come Blizzard to shut down fellow WoW lovers just like the guy who was re-doing the vanilla questing experience (I fell in love with the concept), and was unfortunately shut down.


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