World of Warcraft Legendary Weapon

Recently, World of Warcraft had release a patch called 7.1.5, and along with a bunch of new content, it added some Legendary Items for players to get as well. However, a bunch of players have been asking questions about said Legendary Items, so Blizzard decided to respond.

Essentially, players had a number of questions relating to the Nighthold Legendary item upgrades, and what the process of upgrading the items will be. As the item itself will only be available next week once the Nighthold opens, Blizzard gave some clarification.

When the Nighthold is opened, players who have acquired at least one Legion Legendary item will find a quest in Dalaran. This quest will let you upgrade a Legendary from item level 910 to 940. This quest will have you set out to collect a number of Essences of Aman’thul. These essences can be found at the following locations: Nighthold Raid Bosses, Weekly Mythic Keystone Cache, Emissary Bags, and PvP Weekly Quests.

Now, after you have completed the quest, you’ll be given a Distilled Titan Essence. This essence can be consumed to upgrade a Legion Legendary item to level 940. The best part? The quest is repeatable, so you’ll be able to earn as many Distilled Titan Essences as you desire in order to upgrade as many of the Legendary Items you have on your character.

World of Warcraft
Furthermore, once the Nighthold is open, if you get any more Legendary Items you’ll find out that the item level is already 940.

So there you go. That’s how it works within the patch. If you have any other questions regards the upgrades in World of Warcraft, be sure to let the team at Blizzard know. After all, they’re there to help.


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