Its been an exciting time for fans of the World of Warcraft series as of late. As well as the Blu-ray details recently being revealed for the Warcraft movie, the MMORPG franchise will also release its biggest expansion to date at the end of this month. World of Warcraft: Legion sees the largest invasion on Azeroth we’ve ever seen, pushing humanity to the brink of extinction in this sixth instalment to the widely popular series.

Blizzard Entertainment will have a prominent presence at this year’s Gamescom, showcasing its award-winning franchises with new content for the likes of Overwatch, StarCraft II and Hearthstone amongst others. World of Warcraft: Legion in particular, will feature as they celebrate the expansion’s release at the Legion Café in Gurzenich Koln. One of the biggest Warcraft parties ever held will be happening at Gamescom, including community activities, live streaming and much more across five days.

Featuring demon invasions, new zones and boss battles, Legion will take players to the Broken Isles to prevent the summoning of the Dark Titan of Azeroth by the burning legions. The game promises a massive storyline filled with a wealth of characters and sub plots, as well as an environment scaled to cater to each player’s individual level. World of Warcraft: Legion will release on August 30th.




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