It’s not surprising that games have issues, what is surprising at times though is when fans call out issues that have “been around for a while” or is “progressively getting worse” because you’d think that developers would’ve fixed the issue when it was first brought up. For World of Warcraft players, one of biggest issues the game has is world PvP. And this is not a new issue, in fact, players have talked about the state of PVP for quite some time, and have given suggestions for what might bring them back to it.

The current issue though is that the item levels that players have in world PVP just makes the game not fun at all. As Battle.Net player Zro notes:

“Is this fun ? maybe, but world pvp is only gonna get worse and tbh its gonna kill it off completely if not, just make it something people dread instead of looking forward to.”

Numerous players flocked to this and agreed with Zro, and when some people fought back about how some people just need to get “better gear”, they noted that it doesn’t matter what you have when you can get one-shot by someone.

It’s so bad for some that players want Blizzard to remove world PVP from World of Warcraft:

“The current state is completely broken and in my opinion the pvp world quests should be removed,” begs player Yembe.

While some don’t want to go that far, they do want the game to become balanced again, if that’s even possible. Some players are very angry with Blizzard because PVP hasn’t been balanced (or fun to them) for quite some time, so if they didn’t fix it then, why would they fix it now?

What’s your experience with world PvP? Do you one-shot people? Or do you get one-shot by people? Or are you are having a fun time and think it’s ok? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. World PVP is utterly broken in Legion. There are people like me (I play a boomkin) who get repeatedly killed in stunlock. What can I do? How could I play better to change the outcome? I can do nothing! It’s not about skill, its just about how powerful your artifact weapon is and if you have the best legendaries for burst damage. In all previous expansions I had a chance in world pvp, now I don’t have any chance at all.


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