World of tanks

World of Tanks is a popular MMO that literally puts you in the role of a tank commander and puts your skills against the skills of others from around the world. It is a team-based MMO, which is why it’s a popular eSports title. With one of them being the WGLNA Gold League, which is about to enter its Regional Finals. As such, the team behind the game are getting with the teams that have made it this far, and talk with them about how they’re feeling about the league, their upcoming matches, and their expectations.

First up is the team known as Elevate. This is the top team in the WGLNA, who got to 1st place and stayed there the entire season. They were also the top team of last year, so there’s a lot of people thinking that they could go all the way with little difficulty if they stay focused. In the teams Q&A with Elevate’s Captain,  Ben “Comps” Mongeon, they asked about how the “time off” they got because of how quickly they qualified for the tournament benefitted the team.

He responded by noting that since there was no pressure in regards to qualifying, they could focus on the game itself. Specifically, they could focus on the recent changes to the game, so that they could be on the top of theirs by the time the tournament and the finals came.

When asked about whether “rust” (aka time away from real competition) would be a factor, Mongeon noted that no team truly thinks about rust, especially when they’re practicing for hours on end to ensure that their craft is at its peak.

More interviews with the World of Tanks teams are coming, stay tuned.



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