legionp3The popular MMO “World of Warcraft” has about 6.5 million active players as of February 2016. Which is pretty impressive, but of course with this comes people bringing many different “energies” so to speak. Meaning when players with not so great energy and respond abusively in the “Instance Chat”, they can be banned if reported by enough people. For example, if a player is being offensive and gets reported, they(along with many other things) can’t speak to anyone, they can’t create events, and they can’t send in-game invitations.

First-time offenders will only be banned for 24 hours, but people who continue to violate the rules will merely increase their penalty time. If they do it again they’ll add 48 hours, then 90 hours, and seeing as there is no maximum that can be racked up, Constant offenses can cut players off for a very long time.

However, communication isn’t completely impossible for banned players. Meaning that players can still send their friends “whispers”. Which means that you can continue to communicate with your friends in multiple ways; you can send invitations to them and receive them as well but it would be much easier to just be offensive and play nice with your fellow World of Warcraft players.

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