bbbc63094eab6eb1cb6b9e241cc299b0305Square Enix brought to us many good games and news in these past few months. And it seems they won’t stop anytime soon. Later this week, Square Enix announced that World of Final Fantasy will get different editions right after it comes out in October 2016. The game will get Collector’s Edition, Limited Edition and Day One edition.

Collector’s Edition will be available for any proud owner of the PlayStation 4 and it will cost $ 120. You will be able to buy it exclusively through the online store of Square Enix. With a copy of the game, you get an 80-pages long book with illustrations, original soundtrack, mini figurines of Cloud, Lightning, and Squall, and additional digital goods, etc.


Second edition or simply called, Limited Edition of the game will be available in stores at a price of $ 60, and will include the game in a special package, a 24-page long book with illustrations and some additional content from earlier mentioned Collector’s Edition.

Finally, the Day One Edition can be bought for the PS4 at a price of $ 60, or for PS Vita at a price of $ 40. This edition comes with a physical copy of the game, as well as additional digital content from the Collector’s and Limited Edition game.


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