Imagine if Witcher 3 was in first-person. Well, with this one mod, it actually gets a first person view!

The spectacular graphics that the game has look wonderful with first-person. It kind of reminds of the first trailer for Skyrim. Remember that? That enormous fantasy world with stunning graphics, so immersive that you feel like you’re in the actual world. This mod does the same thing for Witcher 3. It has the same humongous fantasy world, even bigger than Skyrim’s, and on top of that, it has even better graphics. We are actually surprised that on one thought of a first-person mod sooner. Or maybe they have but they kept it for themselves.


The video above showcases the mod and what it can do. Pretty breathtaking wouldn’t you say? Of course, there are still things that need to be added, like combat, but that could prove to be too tricky. Making every animation in the game work in first-person sounds nigh impossible, so we are yet to see if it’s going to accomplish all that.

Even in this state the mod is pretty amazing, just using it for sightseeing is enough, so we can’t complain much. We are looking forward to the continuation of the mod, and let’s all hope it gets more attention, it definitely deserves it!


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