The next content update for Wildstar, named Heroes Evolved, has just been released on the PTR.

This new update to Wildstar is filled with new systems and features that give players more choices on what you play, how you play, and who you play with. With Redmoon Terror and other new content set to release over the next few months, many of these features are focused on preparation for more adventures on Nexus


Players can purchase and create level-50 characters, allowing them to jump directly into all the max-level content. These characters will provide all of the necessary gear and system upgrades, along with some extras to make sure you’re prepped for all the big Nexus adventures. There will also be Multi-Queuing: This long-awaited feature will allow players to queue up for multiple instances, either solo or as a group. The team need your help testing this specifically!

There will be the addition of two new race and class combinations, the Chua Warrior and Aurin Engineer. Described as “sword-wielding space hamsters and gun-toting tree huggers.” Players will also be able to change their race and gender inside a thing called the Chop Shop in this update. You’ll learn and level up additional Paths, and be able to switch between them any time you want.

Protostar Promissory Notes (reputation turn-in items) are being made into an account-wide currency that can be used by all characters, along with a number of AMP and Ability Tier Points being made account tradeable. There is also some enhanced gear and other rewards to the Arcterra Soulfrost vendors being released, allowing players to get better prepared for veteran expeditions, dungeons and raids.

The Heroes Evolved update is now live on the PTR (download the PTR client here). Also, as mentioned before, Redmoon Terror (WildStar’s next raid) is coming in August, along with some other new and exciting pieces of content.

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