Carbine Studios is currently focusing on how they’re handling account-wide systems, to make some “core architectural changes” in order to better support more of the features fans love. The company wants to make themselves a much more alt-friendly game than it is today, based a lot on fan feedback.

Some of these changes include a number of the AMP Power Upgrades and Ability Tier Points now being account tradeable so that you can unlock them on one character and share them with your alts. Some of these will be AMP Power Upgrades to Crimson Badlands,Northern Wastes and Star-Comm Station. There will be Tier Point Unlocks for the Blighthaven Ability, the Defile Ability and the Prestigious Ability. They are transitioning Promissory notes from a physical item, to an account-wide currency that can be accessed across your alts, and they will be expanding reputation turn-ins to include levelling factions also.


Carbine says the primary benefits of such a change is the easier acquisition of AMP and Ability Points, but will provide better access to décor, pets, and gear across all characters, while also making the reputation grind a bit less daunting for any completionists out there. Carbine added that this will mean a bit more free space in your banks and inventories as well.

These changes will be coming in the next few weeks, so keep a look out!

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