World eSports Association, abbreviated to WESA, has announced that it will be introducing a selection of regulations to ban Multi-Team Ownership. This means that no team will be allowed to be owned by a person or entity that already owns another team participating in WESA events.

Ken Hershman, Executive Chairman and Commisioner of WESA, stated:

At WESA, we are committed to creating industry-wide standards in esports that benefit member teams, their players and the esports industry at large. These new standards and regulations will further our goal of better professionalizing esports and ensure that all of our organizations are operating on the same level playing field.

This is a familiar situation that Riot Games faced a couple of years ago, in which due to a conflict of interest, the company decided to ban organizations for having several compositions within a single league of their MOBA smash hit League of Legends. Many well known teams are known to perform as WESA events, including Fnatic Virtus Pro and G2. These changes could affect VirtusPro in particular, along with Natus Vincere and SK Gaming, as they are all owned by the Russian holding ESForce. Teams who have a pre-existing multi-team ownership in place may be granted up to 18 months to come to compliance with these new regulations.

WESA was formed back in May last year by some of the biggest eSports teams in the world, along with the world’s largest eSports company ESL. This combination was formed in order to bring their mutual vision to life of further player representation, revenue sharing and standardized regulations.



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