IDC/Games, the developers behind Weapons of Mythology, announced on October 13th that the second closed beta for their fantasy MMORPG comes with French, German and Spanish localization! Italian, Polish and Turkish languages are all coming soon and will be added in October.


Alongside the languages, there’s a lot of new stuff coming in the second closed beta as well, such as:

  • Level cap increased to 40
  • New PVP event: Lv.35 Forbidden Plain (MOBA style)
  • Enable new PVE dungeon: Lv 40 Serpent Grotto
  • Enable new PVE dungeon: Lv 40 Skies of Yinli
  • Enable Lv 40 Mode for PVE event: Dragon Coliseum
  • Enable Lv 40 Mode for PVE event: Rabbit Ville Raid
  • Enable Lv 40 Mode for PVE event: Hades Tower
  • Added guild features
  • Added daily activity system
  • Added group finder system


Looking to get access to the bate? Just head over to IDC/Games website and register, then you will get an invitation code from websites that will be giving them to anyone who registers.
If you didn’t know, Weapons of Mythology is a new free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that provides classic content for both PvP and PvE enthusiasts. Go on legendary stories, conquer dozens of dungeons, fight in battleground PvP battles, join a guild, acquire¬†pets and mounts, and enjoy thrilling PvE against dangerous enemies!



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