When Watch Dogs first launched, it came with a nicely sized map, letting players run amok as Aiden Pearce in Chicago. But now, Watch Dog 2’s map will one up that, by being twice the size.

According to the sequel’s senior producer Dominic Guay, the development team is definitely¬†pushing the boundaries in Watch Dogs 2. “The game world is more than twice as big as the open world in Watch Dogs,” he claims. “But beyond size, it is much more of a varied, dynamic, and flavourful setting. It encompasses San Francisco, Oakland, part of Marine county, and a scaled down version of Silicon Valley.”

While San Francisco is the only name that truly rings a bell for me here, it certainly sounds like Ubisoft have encompassed a large landmass indeed. A scaled down version of the valley seems similar to 2015’s Assassin’s Creed Syndicate wherein the locations were geographically accurate but the railway lines had been rescaled. Perhaps something similar will be done with Silicon Valley, minimising the area and making it more compact?

All the same, when it comes to open worlds it isn’t always size that matters-it’s what you do with it. If it isn’t filled with reasons for me to explore (especially countryside, which is even harder to fill with things), then there’s no point it being bigger. Either way, I look forward to seeing what becomes of the open world where “everything is connected”.


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