Warstone TD

Steam is a great place for developers to release their games in Early Access and get feedback to make it better. That’s exactly what the team behind Warstone TD is doing. They’ve officially announced that their tower-defense strategy title will release on Steam Early Access on March 29th. As for what will be in the game when it hits Steam Early Access, it’ll contain content that the team calls the “core” of the game. Plus, they’ll release new content over time.

The game will contain not only the core gameplay but also 13 of the 30 missions that you’ll have in the story mode, meaning that you’ll be able to test out a good chunk of the game and be able to try out new units and maps. Added to that are four different modes that you will be able to do in the Steam Early Access version with Classic, Maze, PVP, and Co-Op.

Warstone TD

As noted above, the team will release more content to this version. They’ll do so when they know the core content being released this month is stable. Once that’s set they will add things such as the full campaign, new player units, ability and magic upgrades, new missions for the various modes,  slight tweaks to the maps, Artifacts, new items, new languages to play the game in, and more.

It is their hope that these content updates for Warstone TD will be released over the next two months. If they’re able to do that, then the team can make way for the full release of the game. The team will be going to their Steam Page to give updates on the Early Access build alongside everything you need to know about the latest version of Warstone TD. Just be ready to play the game and give your feedback when the Early Access version launches on March 29th.



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