The newest update to the multiplayer online game Warframe, The War Within brings a plethora of additions and changes to the PC version of the game.


Dropping over three years after the original release of Warframe, the 19th update arrives causing a stir as fans let out a sigh of relief and excitement combined. The highly anticipated patch introduces a new quest that builds up on the fascinating story, a new area making use of advanced lighting techniques, new enemies, new missions, new weapons, new cosmetics… Phew! The list goes on! Other additions include:

  • Cloth physics for Frost and Frost Prime classes of Warframe;
  • Decorator mode for dojos and landing crafts, turning interior and exterior designs into less of a hassle;
  • Mastery Rank 23 quest;
  • Fast travel option to relays;
  • Additional display options.

And several other changes, additions, and fixes that you can check on the official forum thread.

Source: Warframe Wiki

With a bumpy start that garnered mixed reviews, Warframe saw its fair share of change over the years, being now an almost completely different game and one of the most played titles on the Steam platform. Despite criticism over its business model, there’s no denying that Digital Extreme’s–also responsible for multiple Unreal titles, alongside Epic Games–leading project is a force to be reckoned with.

Borrowing many ideas from the original concept of 2008’s Dark Sector, the action based instanced multiplayer online game incorporates elements of stealth, shooter, and even parkour in a science-fiction setting with unique otherworldly designs. Warframe has players control the Tenno, an ancient race of highly skilled warriors in war with a collection of different factions: The Grineer, militarized deteriorated human clones, the Corpus, a technologically advanced mega-corporation, the Infested, victims of the Technocyte infection, and the Sentinels, an alien force formed of mechanical beings returning from the Tau system after centuries of exile. To fight, the Tenno make use of the eponymous Warframe, a biomechanical suit capable of channeling their unique abilities.

Warframe is a free to play multiplayer online game available on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The War Within update is currently only available for the PC platform.


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