Christmas is over, but the holiday celebrations in Warface will keep on going.

It’s the 26th of December. For many of us, the weekend was filled with delicious food, family feuds, and presents. Although the holiday is over, Warface developers refuse to let go of the Christmas spirit and carry on with their special events.

Source: Game Informer

Starting today and going through January 2nd, the Warface Christmas sale will offer discounts on selected items. Unlike previous Christmas sales, however, some of these items will receive the discounted price tag on different days until the promotion is over. That means those interested in taking advantage of the cut prices will have to log in every day to check what’s in the store. The following will be eligible for price cuts:

Direct purchase weapons will receive a discount of 50%. These are as follow: MS Radek, Fazil UE3, AR-“GAR”, SX-41, Anatolia RK-102, TT-3000, MX4 Storm, SN-5G Sarosk, B-5000, R98B, and S60B3. The following random boxes will receive a discount between 20% and 40%: Evil Santa, Nanosuit, Gold R249 Para, T27, Gold Fararm ATF 12, Gold Fararm¬†SAT 8, Gold SMG-9 Ares, Gold EXAR-L PDW, Gold Sae Scout, Gold TWM X308, AY 226, Katana, and the FY-47 Skin Box. Furthermore, a 30% discount will be applied to the following class equipment: “Portable” Defibrillator, “Plate” Armor Kit, and “Paramedic” Medkit.

These boosters will get a 10-15% price cut throughout the duration of the sale: VIP Booster, Mega VIP Booster, and Mega Booster Bundle. Additionally, the following body skins will be for 50% the original price: Strike Team Alpha Sniper, Rifleman Exosuit “AOS M2”, and Rifleman of the “Paragon Squad”.

Finally, unique reset items will be brought back to Warface during this sale as well as unique weapons, the latter of which will be available on undisclosed days. Be sure to check the Warface shop every day for a chance at grabbing the EXAR-H, the CCR, and the AC7 SMG. The last surprise brought by the Warface Christmas is a special Kredit bonus. Any Kredit purchases between now and tomorrow, December 27, will award customers with 50% free Kredit. Moreover, first-time buyers will receive a unique gift in the form of the permanent pistol Eagle Eye.

The unique weapons available for a limited time

Developed by Crytek and running on the CryEngine 3, Warface is an FPS online game available for Windows PC.


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