Warcraft-Movie-Banner-01Warcraft is one of the most popular game franchises out there, so it’s no wonder that when the time came for a film to be made, the team in charge pulled out all the stops to make a really interesting film.

High Points:

Warcraft offers some truly good pacing for a movie based on such an incredibly expansive world. Scale of conflict progresses gradually, and within the opening scene you understand that things are going to be bigger than what meets the eye. The usage of magic by Guldan in the opening scene greatly contrasts the very tribal tone that the movie shows up to that point.

The characters are interesting. They’re alive, they’re charming, they’re strangely a little humorous despite the serious tone. Fans of the games will be pleased to see a lot of the tone maintained. Obviously, Warcraft is also a series known for its humor, and this movie doesn’t offer that nearly as much, but it’s still present.

Low Points:

This movie was obviously quite a bit of setup since it’s leading into one of the biggest RPG worlds of all time. Because of this, it had a very strong lack of resolution. In the sense that, a conflict would only open the door for the next conflict.

Without spoiling too much, there were many cameos present, so fans of the series would be glad to know that some of their favorites will at least be seen.

This movie offers quite a bit of unique content, and does stray from the original tale in some ways, but overall it offers a very grand experience both for fans of Warcraft and average moviegoers.

I would highly recommend Warcraft as I believe it to be a sign that video game movies can truly be good. Warcraft is currently being shown in American theaters.


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