Some Kickstarters like the final hours of their campaign because it can bring a lot of new people to their project. Especially when those people see how far above their goal they are. For the visual novel game Fatal Twelve, this is most definitely the case. With 8 hours to go (at the time of this writing) and over $49000 dollars raised, they’re going to be successful, so if you’ve never heard of it, but may want to support it, then read on.

In Fatal Twelve you play as Shishimai Rinka, a normal high-school girl who wants nothing more than to just live her life. But then, one day, there was an explosion on a train, and she died while protecting her friend…or so she thought. For right after the explosion, she found herself back in her old life talking with her friends. But…then she found herself a few days later in a totally different world. One that was inhabited by a goddess named Parca.

Turns out, she’s now a part of a ritual called the Divine Selection, which will allow her to undo her death permanently, but, to do so, she has to try and make sure the other “contestants” don’t get the chance to undo her death first. One of these said contestants is Rinka’s friend.

Now, she has to race to find out more about these other girls and meet the requirements of the ritual if she ever wants to live again. In the process, she’ll not only learn more about her friend, but about herself, the circumstances of her death, and much more.

The team behind the game is wanting to make much more than a simple title. With the money, they’re going to hire voice actresses to truly bring the roles to life, and make this a much more complete visual novel experience.


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