Enter the humongous world of Valley, controlling a character located inside of a powerful exoskeleton body suit called L.E.A.F.(Leap Effortlessly though Air Functionality) that gives our character special abilities such as incredible pace and agility. Besides, it granting huge speed it also grants the unbelievable ability to manipulate life and death.

Within the forests and ruins of the Rocky Mountains is where you find yourself located. Valley is a first-person adventure that gives you an opportunity to enjoy the vast forests as you leap from tree to tree.

ss valley

With all these great abilities come great responsibilities. Every time you die within the valley, the valley dies with you. The ability to take and give life to everything that used to be or is alive sounds like an awesome ability and we can’t wait to see what kind of interactions with creatures the game offers. You rarely see games that give you the feeling that you are a god, except games like Sims or SimCity, but Valley is more action-packed and the game invests more time in adventures.

The game has received overall positive reviews so I strongly encourage you to buy it. The game has just been released and we can only expect additional content to be implemented, improving the game.


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