Square Enix have announced from tomorrow the Smarthphone RPG Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin will hold a long-awaited Valkyrie Profile collaboration event. Details including the times for the event are as follows:

  • Tuesday November 15th – Prologue “vestiges of lily of the valley”
  • Monday November 21st – “cod chaos tooth’s” prequel
  • Friday November 25th – “chaos cod tooth’s” sequel

The three-part event will end on December 5th. The sypnosis of the “Vestiges of the lily of the valley” translates as: “shall be deemed to be replaced at night, Lenneth follows the strange wave that was felt, meet one of the youth.  Although it was a strange young man for the Lenneth, he seems to know a thing of Lenneth ….”


The accompanying video along with the announcement details three characters; Lucio, Brahms and Meltina. Lucio, voiced by Nozomu Sasaki, is a youth born in a poor Korean village. Brahms Buramusu, who is voiced by Kenji Nomura, is an undead warrior with a force comparable to that of Odin. As for Meltina, voiced by Wankana Yamazaki, is described as a genius magician who graduated summa cum laude from the highly regarded Flensburg magic academy. She is driven by here desire to further her knowledge of power and magic.



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