The name Bossa Studios probably sounds familiar for anyone who got into physics games years ago. They created titles such as Surgeon Simulator and I Am Toast (a personal favorite of mine) and are now working on a physics-based MMO called Worlds Adrift. 

crew-chat-2-1024x867This title will essentially take a lot of players on a journey through broken worlds, scattered disconnected islands, and so on.

Players can take on a number of different roles, varying depending on which path they choose to follow. Players can also team up to build sky-ships and travel between islands as scavengers, pirates, explorers, or heroes.

This appears to be quite a far cry from the previous titles developed by this studio.

Worlds Adrift appears to focus far more on the individuality of players, and how their styles influence gameplay.

Note that players are also able to use Bossa Studio’s recently developed Island Creator. Using this creator, players can design and upload unique islands, that the developers might include in the final game!

In order to sign-up to participate in this playtest, you need simply to head over to the official website!

If you get into the playtest, you get to enjoy a number of new features.


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