Niantic is testing their new ‘Nearby’ system and many users are excited after hearing about some of the new features that the system has received. To be more specific, the biggest change to the ‘Nearby’ system is a feature called ‘Sightings’.

The ‘Sightings’ feature now shows players a picture of the Pokestop that is in the same area as a Pokemon. This change is supposed to make it easier to track wild Pokemon.  You can see why many users find this change useful.

pok go

Catching a specific Pokemon has never been this simple considering that you can just go to the exact Pokestop.

There is a bunch of more changes that Niantic made in this new update that should be mentioned :

  • Improvements to the accuracy of the curveball throw
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from receiving bonus experience when the Poke ball throws were “Nice”, “Great”, “Excellent”
  •  Name change can now be used one more time, so choose your name wisely
  • Solver issues with battery saver mode and its now enabled
  • Added visuals of Team leaders : Candela, Blancha, and Spark

That is all the changes that were worth a mention. If you want to see more upcoming changes, visit this link.

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