In a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft meta game that is currently wrought with the aggressive nature of decks like Pirate Warrior, it’s crucial to question what the next expansion might bring loyal players. The new cards announced in the Journey To Un’Goro expansion give a fantastic look at some of the potential directions the game can go in.

Most recently, elemental cards were announced, and their synergy seems to be quite powerful. A lot of the elemental cards offer value that matches their cost, giving your hand extra token cards or having a reasonable stat line equipped for combat. There are even other cards that benefit simply from a player having played elementals on the previous turn. This includes Stone Sentinel, an epic Shaman card that summons a 4/4 minion, and if you’ve played an elemental the previous turn, two 2/3 minions with taunt. It’s essentially Feral Spirit with an added 4/4 at no cost.

While it isn’t particularly the most effective card they’ve shown, Ozruk appears to be a heavy indicator towards the type of meta they want to pursue. Ozruk being a 9-cost card is essentially the type of card you want to build a deck around. His condition practically encourages you to play seven elementals the turn prior for that beautiful 35 health minion. While this isn’t exactly realistic given the way the Hearthstone meta tends to fall, it’s a good sign.

Other cards such as Golakka Crawler are practically designed for the sole purpose of destroying the less desirable elements of the current meta. Here’s to hoping they’re actually able to do just that.

On top of this, the adapt mechanic will urge players to incorporate different type of build-around elements from the one’s we’re used to seeing. For example, adapting might be required to defeat big minions like Swamp King Dread.

With this big update on the horizon, hopefully we’ll see a new side of Hearthstone. The Journey to Un’Goro may be exactly what we control players need.


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