The upcoming action RPG with roguelike elements, UnDungeon, is currently holding a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. The indie game, still in development, has been selected and featured by the Square Enix Collective.


UnDungeon is a pixel-style action RPG, with roguelike game play and combat. Players take on the role of one of seven unique Heralds in order to explore and defend the game’s stylized multiverse. The game takes place after a major cataclysmic event, known as the Shift, with mysterious origins. This event made earth unstable, and seven parallel universes suddenly found their worlds, and their fates, linked together.

Players can choose any one of the Heralds, and upgrades and equipment will customize their skills and appearance. Eventually, their actions will decide the fate of the entire multiverse.


Under development from the independent studio Laughing Machines, UnDungeon has 32 days on its Kickstarter campaign to reach its intended goal of €50,000, or US $52,751. As of now, it has received almost $4,000 from just 200 backers.

Supporters need only to pledge €10 or more in order to secure a digital copy of the game on the platform of their choice, and the developers intend to release UnDungeon for Mac, PC, and Linux, with hopes for eventual release on Xbox One and PS4. Pledging additional support can earn you access to the closed beta, digital media corresponding to the game, additional digital copies for friends, or even an UnDungeon pixel art sweater.


The UnDungeon Kickstarter campaign will end on February 13th, so be sure to check it out before then.


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