Trion Worlds is working hard to bring Trove to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and to celebrate their hard work, they’re throwing an awesome party!


You know the party is going to be awesome as hell, as we’re getting new invaders, new loot, new mounts, a new Hub, and much, much more!

New Pinata Invaders

  • You will be going against dangerous party animals, so stay on your guard as they may seem harmless, but they can do quite a lot of damage to unsuspecting Trovians!


Celebratory Pinatas

  • Hunt down and defeat Pinata Invaders to collect Celebratory Pinatas. They drop a lot of loot, including Pinata Coins and sometimes, on rare occasions, you can even get a new pinata mount! These special, rare mounts are different for each invasion, so try to collect as many as you can!
  • The pinatas that you’re going to be farming drop one Pinata Coin for every player nearby, but two coins for the player that throws it. This is a great opportunity to team up with other Trovians and enjoy the pinata party!


Pinata Coins

  • Pinata Coins are a new type of currency that’s used to purchase party loot from a new Hub vendor called Pinates the Purveyor.
  • You can use them to buy a Pinatataur mount, but it’s going to cost you 1,000 Pinata Coins, so be sure to farm as many of them as you can.

Two New Quest Objectives

  • By throwing enough pinatas you can earn three Empowered Gem Boxes, so that’s even more encouragement to throw an awesome pinata party!
  • Destroy enough of them and get a free Ninth Life Booster!


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