Tricked Esports Signs Heroes of the Storm Team

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Tricked Esports, a Danish organization founded in 2012, has picked up a brand new Heroes of the Storm team. Called The Damascus Boys, AlexTheProG, formerly of Team Dignitas, will serve as the team’s shotcaller, as well as filling the warrior role.

Heroes of the Storm: The Damascus Boys

Tricked Esports announced the new team via their Twitter earlier today. The team will be competing in the HGC starting this year. Along with the team captain, AlexTheProG, the roster also includes ethernal, Remmerballer, Crozzby, and Gnappe. The team is optimistic about their potential to compete in the global professional scene for Heroes of the Storm.

heroes of the storm
AlexTheProG, via Liquipedia

According to the organization’s official website, the CEO of Tricked Esports, Morten “Phy” Jensen, says that, when they realized they had the opportunity to expand into a new title, it took some research to figure out where to go. Heroes of the Storm, in Phy’s opinion, is a new and burgeoning game, to which Blizzard is fully committed, in terms of growing the game into an internationally renowned and popular esport.

The remainder of the roster hails from two different European teams. Ethernal and Crozzby are both former players for The Jabronis, while Gnappe and Remmerballer both recently played for ɘPunks. Hopefully for them, the experience playing together that some of the players have will translate into solid composition for the new esports team.

Heroes of the Storm 2017

Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s rendition of the popular MOBA model, gained traction as a competitive esport in 2016. 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for the title, and the regular season is set to begin later this month.

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