Tree of Savior

In MMORPGs, players strive to reach the maximum level, fight the ultimate bosses and get the most valuable rewards. Tree of Savior is no exception. The main goal is to get the highest tier and compete among the best of the best whether it’s in PvE or PvP. Now that Tree of Savior is getting more and more experienced and high-level players, the competition is making them forget that there are many other places to explore in the world apart from the highest level dungeons, quests, and missions. As mentioned by staff member Letitia, the newest member of the Tree of Savior family:

I want to take a moment to appreciate one of Tree of Savior’s first dungeons:  The Crystal Mine (for those coming from Klaipeda).

The Crystal Mine is located in the East Siauliai Woods, and it has an amazing story behind it. In the past, a goddess was crying in the mine and from her tears, a special and valuable crystal was formed, which is now located inside the mines. Throughout the years the King would order the Klaipeda Mines Union to mine inside the dungeon in search of this crystal, but to no avail. Recently, the mines were taken over the Vubbe, who were also mining and hopes of find the crystal tear.

Tree of Savior

As Letitia says in her post about the dungeon, the developers of Tree of Savior didn’t make this dungeon very easy for the players, as the Vubbe Miners, Vubbe Wizards, and Vubbe Archers encountered only dropped one kind of food, the potato dumplings, which are spoiled and make your character sick.

Tree of Savior

Making the way to the end, the dungeon’s last boss is the Blasphemous Deathweaver with giant spider legs, a toug boss for newcomers who hope to grab the most of experience and silver and continue their journey ahead. Tell us your first dungeon experience in the comments section below.

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