Each week, Tree of Savior gets a regular weekly maintenance which is followed by a bunch of fixes, new additions to the game, and more. The same goes for this week’s maintenance that brought along some item changes, events, bug fixes and other updates.

The first and most important change in this patch is that there won’t be multiple types of Goddess’ Blessed Gem. Instead of the usual three types of gems, there will be only one from this point on. All the gems that you already had in your inventory will be extracted and returned to you via the character’s Market Retrieve tab. Be sure to check the Market Retrieve tab when you’re ready to collect the gems.

Tree of Savior

The Attribute System is another thing that is experiencing change during this maintenance. Attributes will be reset for every player. All the silver that you invested will be returned in the form of Attribute Points. From now on, players will have to go to the Class Masters if they want to purchase some Attribute Points. Certain attributes have received major changes and some were even removed.

The team has planned a few events as well. First off, we’ve got an event that allows the players to reset their character’s stats, skills, and rank. This will be available for two weeks and the players can use it each and every day of those two weeks. Second off is an event for all the new Tree of Savior players. To participate, all you have to do is have your own team. After interacting with the Event Notice Board, you will get a Boost Pack in your inventory that contains a level milestone for you to reach. Depending on the level you reach, you’ll get certain rewards. There are 7 milestones which allow almost every player to get these items with a little bit of leveling. If you want to find out more about the patch notes, visit the announcement over at the Tree of Savior website.


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