With the holiday season on the way, poor Thanksgiving often gets ignored. Tree of Savior is aiming to defeat that preconceived notion by having the Harvest Festival Event. This event will celebrate Thanksgiving by providing players with some extra in game content.

Tree Of Savior 1The Harvest Festival event will take place starting from the scheduled maintenance on November 15th, and continue to the scheduled maintenance on December 6th.

In order to participate, players must receive an event Seed from the Event Notice Board. Only one can be received per day, but if you want there are two potential ways to utilize this event item. If you use it, you will gain buffs of +2 speed movement and +25% EXP gains for an hour. If you choose to plant it, you can grow a prize. The prize will be ready to harvest after a single hour. The seeds can be planted in Shaton Farm, Tenants’ Farm, Myrkiti Farm, and Greene Manor.

Finally, participation in the event is limited to characters level 50 and above, and Event Seeds will be deleted at the end of the event. Planted seeds will also be deleted automatically during scheduled maintenance.

Planted prizes can be collected by anyone as soon as they are ready to be harvested, so protect your crop with your life.

This is starting to sound like a recipe for conflict, and yet still, you’re urged to enjoy yourself. Happy Harvest Festival!


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