Tree of Savior players, we have some great news for you!  Today we got a glimpse of the Rank 8 Update that should be coming in late September. There’s even an introduction video for the update, so if you’re interested, go watch it here!


The first thing we will talk about are the long-awaited Rank 8 classes that are being added. So, you can expect 24 new classes in total, and 8 of those will be entirely new classes with their own original concepts. The level cap will also be going up, so your character and your companion can now go and reach level 330. You will also be able to empower and enhance all of your character builds with the Rank 8 update, so if you want more information on that, click on the link to the class that you’re playing: SwordsmanClericArcherWizard.


The second thing that’s coming in the update are the new zones for you to explore, 30 of them to be precise! All of these new maps will bring new special themes and vast environments for you to journey to discover. They will also deepen the world and add to the overall feel of the game. Three new field boss monsters are also coming for you to face!





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