big brawl tree of saviorThe anime inspired MMORPG Tree of Savior is having an upcoming event. This event will put players to the test, as can likely be surmised from its title “Big Brawl.” Here is some of the information from the website.

“Battle against the enemy’s guild to compete for victory. To win, the competing guilds must attack each other’s Guild Towers, located in their respective team headquarters. The first guild to destroy its opponent’s Guild Tower within the time limit being declared the winner.”

Combat is taking a front seat in many major ways. From guild battles of the top organized guilds in the game to other organized combat events, this event will see all players at their best ready to take on foes.

This particular event, subtitled “Top Guild Battle” will allow any player interested to enter. All you have to do is enter a guild battle between July 26th and August 16th and you’re eligible for numerous rewards. Here’s the information from the website:


A. All guilds

-The “Build Guild Tower” item will be given to all participating guild masters every week.

-You can receive a total of 3 rewards during the event period (3 weeks).

*All rewards will be sent to the guild master through in-game mail.

B. Top 3 guilds

-Top 3 guilds per region (NA, EU, SEA, SA) will receive 1000 / 500 / 300 Talt respectively after the event period.

-Written interviews will be held with the guild masters of the 1st ranking guilds for each region should the guild agree to do so.

If you’re interested, now’s the time to get in on the action! For more information head to the official Tree of Savior website. Here’s the page for the Big Brawl event.

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