The team at Toxikk have been very busy, as they’re preparing for their first ESL (Electronic Sports League) Cups that will debut next Sunday. However, to ensure the best quality of game, they have updated their title with a big patch just before those games begin. Note, this is for the full version of the game, not the free version that’s on Steam.

The biggest news is easily that full game owners can now host their own matches to play with Steam friends without much hassle. This was a big issue previously, as hosting took a lot of patience. Now though, it requires nothing more complicated than clicking “HOST GAME” in the multiplayer menu. Then, you just select the map and game mode you want and your match will become visible to all your friends who are playing the game at the time.

This update will help with finding matches in your region as well. It’s worth noting that it does not work with Quick Join, as Quick Join only supports the official servers of Toxikk.

Further adjustments to the matchmaking/online portions including making a Quick Join match a solely “Bloodlust” selection. Also, the end game intermission has been shortened by quickening the end game voting for the next map. You can also now more easily see the Leaderboards for the game modes via the Main Menu.

Also, if you’d like some extra tips on how to do well in the title, the Main Menu will now display tips and tricks on how to do certain things, or where to find certain things on maps.

You can read the full update list for Toxikk via the Steam Page below. For those who don’t know, Toxikk is an FPS that aims to put gameplay and functionality above else, no desire to mimic the “standard” FPS’s of today. In fact, they claim the game was made with the idea that these modern titles never existed.


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