Shooters back in the day were pretty simple. You had simple weapons who did this and that, health pickups were scattered across the map and you could build up movement speed as long as you maintained your momentum. Most of all, they required skill and they were really fricking fun, even though most of the time you just got owned by veteran players who mopped the floor with you.


Today, shooters like that are a dying breed, so you won’t find many of them that are good. Well, TOXIKK is here to change that and bring back the classic arena shooter back to life. Awesome graphics, slick controls, and fluid gameplay, the game does everything that needs to be done right, right. The best part is that the game is free2play, and such a polished game doesn’t really need to go the free2play route, but it does anyway and that’s awesome, as it means that more players will be able to join in on the fun.


So, if you’re looking for that arena FPS experience from the 90s, go and pick up TOXIKK and start fragging! Just remember, these types of shooters require skill, so make sure to practice before getting blasted away in multiplayer with other players!



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