Top 5 New Hearthstone Legendary Minions of 2016

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It’s been a big year for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, with not one or two but three expansions launching since April. From Whispers of the Old Gods, to One Night in Karazhan, and most recently, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, we’ve seen some new cards make a major impact on the game. Today, we’re going to discuss the best legendary minions from these sets. Let’s dive right in!

5) Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End

Maybe Yogg isn’t the titan he used to be, but there’s no denying that this year, this minion has accounted for the best highlight videos in all of Hearthstone, as well as some of the craziest tournament outcomes we’ve seen. Since his nerf, he’s become all but unplayable, and yet still, he’s impacted the meta this year in a way that no other card has. Still, many would argue that he’s changed a lot of the game for the worse, and that’s why he’s ranking number five on this list.

4) Barnes

This hilarious theater maniac from the One Night in Karazhan adventure is the combo king of the season, allowing Y’Shaarj setups and much more during his tenure as one of the game’s biggest cards. Even still, it’s not uncommon to see Barnes in quite a few decks. His ability to summon small copies of minions makes him really effective for decks with a lot of passive effects.

3) N’Zoth

This Old God has stacked up against the test of time, with his battlecry being capable of turning an entire match on its backside. Specifically prime for Paladin decks with Tirion, as well as Rogue decks, N’Zoth will bring all previously killed Deathrattle minions back from the dead. He fills a board in one go, likely with some incredibly powerful minions. This card has entire decks designed around it.

2) Kun, The Forgotten King

Let’s not forget our newest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, which in its recent arrival has opened the door for numerous crazy combos. Kun, The Forgotten King opens the door for many of these. This Druid Legendary gives players the ability to play a 7/7 at no real cost. If they happen to have Aviana, they can essentially have a whole turn of playing minions at reduced cost.

1) C’Thun

The Legendary Minion that came with everyone’s first Whispers of the Old Gods pack also happens to rank top for this list. The reason? The entire principle of Hearthstone is to create decks with strong synergy. C’Thun demands that synergy in a way that no other minion really can. He’s a game ending minion, and while there are numerous ways to build a deck around him, none of them stop you from having a decent tempo curve. He’s effective, and calls for some very powerful counter-measures. He’s easily the most prominent card from this year’s expansions.

As you can see, this has been a big year for Hearthstone. When the Standard cards go through their next cycle, the meta of this game is going to see an even greater shift, and we’ll need to be ready. So put these five fantastic cards on your list of keepers.

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