Top 5 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Cards

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Hearthstone Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan launched earlier this month, and the meta of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has been shifted once again. As I’ve stated in previous articles, I’m not a fan of the aggressive meta. Gadgetzan has brought us back towards control. Here are the five most interesting cards in the set. Remember that this is an opinion piece, so your favorite cards may differ from my own.

5) Patches the Pirate

It’s a bit hypocritical for me to say that I dislike the aggressive meta, then have the first card on this list be valuable simply because of its impact on aggro decks. Patches the Pirate will summon himself from your deck as soon as you play a pirate, and he has charge. This card can be stacked with Gang Up and Southsea Captain to have a very powerful OTK. This card is interesting because of the fact that it freely summons itself.



4) Kun, The Forgotten King

This card is good on its own. But it becomes great thanks to another card. Kun has the ability to refresh all of your Mana crystals, making him essentially, a 0-cost 7/7, but with Aviana on board, his purpose suddenly changes. On turn 10, playing Aviana will allow you to play Kun, who will refresh your Mana, allowing you to play the remaining minions in your hand for only 1 Mana.


3) Jade Idol

While a lot of the pros would dismiss Jade Idol as a standard Druid card, others realize that it offers quite a bit of versatility and value. Jade Idol gives Druids the option to infinitely cycle cards back into their deck, as well as (provided you’ve done the proper amount of Jade Golem setup) summon several large minions at only 1-cost. If you hit late game with a Jade Druid deck, you’re almost guaranteed to win, because not only will fatigue mean nothing to you, but you’ll also get to summon a lot of big minions at such little cost.



2) Raza The Chained

This legendary minion has a special effect, that reduces the cost of your hero power permanently, provided you have no duplicates in your deck. Having a free hero power is a big deal for Priest especially. Now that the faction cards exist, the chances of a Priest drawing into Coldarra Drake are much higher. Under the right circumstances, a Priest could end up with an infinite hero power. This means a full heal each turn, or on a turn with Embrace the Shadows, an OTK.

1) Kazakus

Leader of the Kabal gang, Kazakus offers players the ultimate culmination of the “no duplicate” challenge that a lot of other Kabal cards demand. He offers you the ability to make a custom spell. These spells are essentially game winning, offering you the ability to summon large demons, turn all minions into sheep, do a certain amount of damage, or even revive friendly minions from the dead. These spells can vary in cost depending on your decisions as well.

These five cards have made a major impact on the meta. What is your favorite Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card? Sound off in the comments below!

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