Ah, Tony Stark, the American billionaire playboy, business magnet, and ingenious engineer, is leaving his mantle as the hero Iron Man.


His replacement is a 15-Year-Old black female, Riri Williams, who was supposed to be the new War Machine, but it looks like her role will be much bigger.

Riri is quite the genius M.I.T. student that debuted this spring in the sixth issue of“Invincible Iron Man,” as a part of Marvel’s Marvel NOW! initiative. Much like Tony did the first time, she built her suit from scratch and took it for a ride. Her mission was to stop inmates from escaping a New Mexico prison, and she succeeded, which got Tony’s attention. After that, the 15-year-old girl got a visit from none other than Tony Stark himself.


Stark showed up to inspect Williams, and he was caught by surprise when he learned that she reverse engineered one of his suits. Riri is having an argument with her mother because her mom is concerned for her safety, but Tony knows what kind of person Riri is. He saw her determination, and he knows that just like him, Riri is someone who won’t stop until she achieves her goal.

We didn’t expect Tony to retire from being Iron Man so soon, but Riri looks like a fine replacement to us!


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