Negan Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, the comic book turned TV phenomenon has had its ups and downs over the years. Yet you have to wonder if it’s been more polarizing than it’s been in Season 07. This season introduced Negan, The Kingdom, and a lot of players from the comic books. But it came at a cost for some fans, and some have left the show because of it.

This is interesting, as the opening episode in this season was easily the most hyped the show has been in a while. “Who did Negan kill?” was the question people were asking all Summer, and we got our answer pretty quick in Abraham and Glenn (who is the person Negan killed in his intro to the comic), but people were reviled by the brutality of the kills, and then the subsequent torture of Rick, and his people, at the hands of Negan.

On one hand, this is near exactly what happened in the comic, and the comic doesn’t hold back. But, you might, might, be able to understand what they are going through. People like this show, they don’t want to be turned off by it. But excessive and gory violence can do that.
Walking Dead Season 07

Now the show has returned to its home network of AMC, and with it comes a whole new set of struggles. In-story, Rick is trying to rally back, and take the fight to Negan, even going so far as to recruit not only his crew, but others like Ezekiel and The Kingdom against the barbwire bat wielding villain.

Out of story, the show is trying to get the fanbase back on their side. Ratings were up and down all season during the first half. From a rocket high, to a crashing low. Now, Walking Dead has already been renewed for Season 08, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be affected if people don’t want watch it.


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