The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a collectible card video game developed by Dire Wolf Digital and published by Bethesda Softworks. Card games are rare these days mostly because Hearthstone is dominating that genre, but Legends tries to compete none the less!

So before you build your deck, you have to understand the present archetypes. Aggro, midrange, control, and combo are the 4 types in the game, so let’s start!

Aggro is just what you think, a fast and aggressive deck that aims to kill you in the shortest time possible. These decks are full of small creatures that get played every turn. So if you plan on building this type of deck, remember, you aren’t aiming for the late game, you’re aiming for your opponent’s swift death. Aggro decks thrive by applying pressure nonstop while crippling your opponent as he has to deal with your threats first.


On the opposite spectrum of the aggro deck lays the control deck. They are slow and steady and their main objective is to control the flow of the match. With a control deck, you just need to stay alive until the late game. This means that health is your most precious resource. If want to play a control deck, be on the lookout for popular decks in the current meta, so you can build a deck that counters that.


Now we have midrange decks, which are something of a mix between aggro and control decks. They aren’t as aggressive or control oriented as the two mentioned above, but they always play the most effective cards at their disposal. These decks are excellent at pushing your advantage or gaining it back. They are the most straightforward archetypes and also the most common one. Flexibility and consistent, these decks are excellent for beginners as they don’t force you to focus your game plan at all, so you can adapt to the current match.


Lastly, we have the combo decks. This archetype relies on a combination of cards to win, and the other cards are there just to ensure that you can actually pull off the combo. They are usually built around one or two cards that are essential for the combo that you’re looking to do. So if set up everything correctly, your combo decks will probably win you the game in a single turn, so make sure to survive until the combo is ready!


That’s all of the archetypes covered, so now you just have to pick the archetype or strategy that suits you most!


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