TERA is one of the most popular action MMORPGs out there and it just keeps getting better.


In their Producer Letter for Autumn 2016, they developers talked about the upcoming features that are coming to the game, so let’s briefly go over what’s coming!

First of all, on Wednesday, September 7, Highwatch, Lake of Tears, and Valley of Titans will all be merged into a new server. Now, this new server will also be a new server type for North America: PvP 65- which allows players to participate in world PvP only when you’re max level. Read more about that here!


After that, the next feature that will be launching is Guild Battles. These, obviously, are battles between guilds, and the occur weekly and they take place all over Velika. You and your guild compete by setting up a tower, and then you defend it during the battle. The guild who successfully defends their tower in the end receives all of the taxes that have accumulated during that week. On top of that, many other changes are coming to the overall Guild system.  New world BAMs, and even flying dragon mounts are also coming towards the end of September, so there’s a lot of things to get excited for!


The final thing that’s coming later this year is the massive change to the sorcerer, and some small tweaks to the general system UI to make it cleaner and easier to navigate. The sorcerer will get a couple of new skills and brand new animations to replace the more outdated ones. Priests and mystics are also getting some minor changes, but nothing that will change the way they play. The long-term plan is to revamp other classes, most of them, over time.
A lot of changes you might say, but more content and modifying existing content is required for MMORPGs to stay alive!


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