TERA always had some weird looking monsters. Well, now we’re getting even weirder ones. They are called Mongos and unlike regular monsters, Mongos appear in unusual and unexpected locations and they even drop special rewards for you to collect. So you should start farming them as soon as possible.

You have until July 31 to hunt down as many Mongos as you can, as the rewards that they drop include things like enchanting materials and cosmetic items. There are even uncommon and rare Mongos that have special drops like the Noble Timber or Noble Moon wolf mount, so be sure to look out for these ones!

“Catching” Mongos throughout this event cause rarer and more powerful versions of them to appear, and this means that they have even better rewards! Killing these types of Mongos will make even more powerful versions appear, so be careful! The Mongo population will just keep growing throughout the course of the event, so just keep “catching” them for more and more awesome rewards!

There is even a handy Mongo Master diagram  to help you keep track of which Mongos players have caught and which ones are yet to be unlocked!


The official post can be found here.

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