MMORPGs are said to be a genre that is meant for PC, and while that may be true in some cases, developers are never shy about bringing their titles to as many platforms as possible. Such is the case with En Masse Entertainment, who is now bringing its popular MMORPG Tera to consoles in 2017, specifically the Xbox One and PS4.

This is a big move for them, as Tera has over 25 million players and is also a free-to-play MMORPG, which is something that could encourage a lot of new players to come and test it out once it comes to consoles. There aren’t a lot of details about the console launch at present. However, the team is promising more news and details soon.

One thing they do make sure to note, however, is that there will be a beta test for both the Xbox One and the PS4.

That means that the transition from PC to console is going to be done gradually and with great care. This is very smart, as these are very different kinds of hardware. A failed launch could spell disaster for Tera and its developer. Enters the beta, which you can actually sign up for now.

Tera is an MMORPG that has tried to be very different from those in its genre. For example, the character creation is very vast. With seven races, ten classes to pick from, and plenty of personal touches such as hair style and color of armor to choose, it’s a very personable experience.

But what really sets it apart is the combat. Called “true action combat”, it resembles non-tab targeting action games where you can dodge attacks on a whim or strike down moving targets if you’re fast enough. Needless to say, there’s a lot to enjoy about Tera, which is probably why En Masse Entertainment is going to bring it to consoles.



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