Team Liquid has revealed their acquisition of the well-known League of Legends veteran, former All-Star, LiNk. The pro’s versatility and consistency will remain on the bench, as the mid-laner will be a sub for the team’s starting mid-laner GoldenGlue.

Team Liquid 2017

Much ado was made about Team Liquid’s choice for mid-laner when they signed GoldenGlue, a long-time Challenger Series player. GoldenGlue had actually played for Immortals, before they earned a spot in NA LCS. Other CS teams in his past include Team 8, Team Coast, and Ember. He also played for a short time on Team Liquid Academy, before becoming the starting mid-laner for the LCS team.

It’s been an uphill battle for him ever since. General opinions in the industry seem to be that if a person is in the Challenger Series for that long, they belong there. So GoldenGlue has had a lot of work to do to prove his position in the LCS. His performance at IEM Gyeonggi, where he helped his team finish in third place, did much to solidify his prowess.

Now, however, with a former All-Star waiting on the bench behind him, GoldenGlue must be feeling the pressure again. LiNk will join the team for the 2017 season as the sub mid-laner, with a contract that runs through 2018.

Known for originating League of Legends champions at the LCS level, such as he did with Syndra and Xerath, LiNk’s versatility was invaluable during his time with Counter Logic Gaming. While there, he played with some big names in NA, like Aphromoo and Doublelift, as well as young guns like Seraph. He’s also known for his viral Lee Sin play, Great Escape.

league of legends
LiNk in an interview at All-Stars 2014 Paris, via YouTube

It might be interesting to note that when LiNk joined Counter Logic Gaming in 2012, he was the sub mid-laner. We’ll have to wait and see what the 2017 season has in store for Team Liquid.

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