Professional Korean cosplay team Team CSL are celebrating the new year in style, showcasing their latest character cosplay of Overwatch hero Sombra. The model Pion showed a high level of dedication to the work, displaying a fantastic homage to the most recently added hero to the expansive Overwatch roster.

CSL (Cosplay Stage Laboratory) have enjoyed a recent rise in popularity among cosplayers with the likes of ‘Transcendental”, ‘Ragnarok’ and ‘Monster Super League.’ The team recently stated that, “In the future, we will show high quality cosplay with new contents and various contents.”

As for the character herself, Sombra was finally introduced to Overwatch during Blizzcon 2016, for those of you who may be unaware. The hacker presents an only-out-for-herself kind of persona, with a manipulative expertise that prevents other heroes using their own special abilities, as well being able to temporarily cloak herself with invisibility. After months of clues and speculation, Sombra was finally unveiled at the annual Blizzard event, as an associate of fellow Overwatch character Reaper. She is a native speaker of Spanish and is believed to be of Mexican descent.

As an offense hero, Sombra wields a machine pistol which comes in handy for short range combat. Her other abilities include using a translocator to teleport around the map, with an ultimate ability of using an EMP to destroy enemies’ shields and barriers, whilst also implementing her hacking technique at the same time.

Make sure you head over to the official CSL site and check out their portfolio, where you’ll find fantastic renditions of characters from franchises such as Silent Hill, League of Legends and many more. Boop!


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