Whoops! Looks like the Tavern Brawl was a fake out yesterday. About an hour after I posted about it, it was changed from the team based brawl to a different one. The actual Tavern Brawl features Raven Idol. The Raven Idol brawl basically fills your entire deck with 30 of them. For those who don’t know, Raven Idol is a choose one Druid card where you can either discover a minion or a spell.

HearthstoneThe strategy for this Brawl is a simple one. You have to keep a decent pace. It’s hard to determine when you should be playing cards and when you should be using as many Raven Idols as possible. My strategy has been to avoid playing any minions.

My reasoning behind this is that the key to this brawl is not to get overwhelmed. The 1-mana cost of the idols can sometimes offset the flow of a turn. So only use an idol if it’s absolutely necessary.

It’s very strange that the Tavern Brawl would switch the way it did, but this one is pretty fun too. My class of choice is Mage. If you can get a sorcerer’s apprentice out of one of those idols, you’re in big business!

I’ve also used Shaman, because almost every Shaman spell is pretty awesome. It’s also my class of choice in ranked right now because of it’s rhythm. Very dependent on responsible pacing.

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