Credit to ILove Hearthstone on YouTube.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft never ceases to bring the punch with its Tavern Brawls, and this week is no different. While it’s ending tomorrow, you still have time to try this Tavern Brawl, where each Deathrattle triggers twice.

Hearthstone Mean Streets of GadgetzanWhile this Tavern Brawl has been used before, its viability comes more from the new Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards that just launched. For instance, there’s a new Shaman legendary card called White Eyes, which is a 5-cost 5/5 with taunt that shuffles a 5-cost 10/10 with taunt into your deck. You’re able to summon huge minions with ease, and since this is a Deathrattle effect, we’re able to double up.

Deathrattle effects from the old days are available, as players can use their Wild Cards in this brawl as well. This includes the likes of Feugen and Stalagg. Even the classic legendary, Sylvanas, is somehow even more viable in this Tavern Brawl than she usually is. And she may be the most viable legendary in the entire game.

One other card that sees a lot of use in this brawl is the Wobbling Runts card from the League of Explorers, which summons three runts upon death. This card can be combined with Reincarnation to fill a board in one turn.

On top of this, because the decks are almost always going to be built around these effects, N’Zoth is a guaranteed value legendary. You don’t have much time if you haven’t done the Brawl already, but now you know how to build a foolproof deck, so go out there and win yourself that free pack.


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